bandasWe are proud and delighted to introduce the Sylva University, one of the youngest universities in the Zambia. Read on:

Our concept of a university is one where creativity rather than revisionist approaches are raised to a high pedestal. Sylva University will promote and encourage the creation of and provide the atmosphere in which new ways of thinking and achieving great results for all levels of society are a distinct possibility. It is the one thing that will make the University stand out from its competitors and the more ‘traditional universities’ and create an inspiring place to study and undertake actionable research.

We are certain that Sylva University will become one of the world’s best universities, consistently at the top of varsity league tables and steadfastly climbing the ladder on the international scale of world class universities.

We also believe that Sylva University will champion independent thinking and be founded on academic excellence, as a key driver of the institution’s entrepreneurial spirit. The University’s staying power will be the relevance of its approaches and activities to society and the close links with business, industry and rural populations at large. We aim for companies and society at large to acquire knowledge to develop their own strengths and ensure they remain at the cutting edge within their spheres of concern.

In time, Sylva University will belong to the elite group of universities touted as the globally recognized ‘super-brands’. Consequently, all who pass through Sylva University are assured that their outlook will never be the same again. For, Sylva University’s mission is to facilitate new understanding and life-changing learning, buttressed by the notion that education, learning and doing are for all and that they ay life-long human activities.

The success of Sylva University will be underpinned by innovation, entrepreneurialism and academic excellence, propelled by the exceptional talent of the staff, current and past students. In short, all who pass through Sylva University are assured that their outlook will never be the same again.

We welcome you to Sylva University.